10 Best Barista Schools in the USA – 2024 Top List

Baristas are a significant part of this vast world of coffee brewing. This is because baristas keep up with all the coffee businesses. In the ever-evolving coffee industry in the USA, people who are willing to learn the actual science of coffee attend special schools and become baristas. If you are one of those seeking the best Barista school in the USA for you, you are at the right place. Here are 10 of the best Barista schools in the USA.

  1. Los Angeles Coffee College
  2. Counter Culture Coffee
  3. The American Barista and Coffee School
  4. SF Espresso Machine
  5. Texas Coffee School
  6. Midwest Barista School
  7. San Diego Coffee Training Institute
  8. IVY League Barista Academy
  9. Seattle Barista Academy
  10. International Coffee and Barista Academy

Just because a barista school belongs to this list does not necessarily mean it would best suit you. You should consider certain factors before selecting a barista school for you.

Along with that, you will also get to know about the 10 best schools listed above. So, read until the end and take it all away.

How to Pick the Best Barista Schools in the USA?

Best Barista Schools in the USA

Selecting the best barista school is essential to a successful career in the coffee business. When making this choice, consider the following aspects:

1. Accreditation and Certification

While picking the best barista school in the USA, ensure the school offers approved certificates and is accredited by the appropriate authorities.

By meeting specific requirements, the institution is guaranteed to provide students with a high-quality education through accreditation.

2. Curriculum and Course Duration

Examine the curriculum to ensure that essential subjects like customer service, brewing techniques, and coffee bean studies are included.

Consider the program’s duration also; some universities provide intensive courses, while others offer longer, more extensive programs.

3. Hands-On Experience

Seek out institutions that provide real-world, hands-on experience. The most incredible way to develop barista abilities is to combine theoretical understanding with real-world application.

4. Alumni Success and Reviews

Examine the school’s standing by reading reviews and looking up the alumni’s notable accomplishments. A prosperous past demonstrates the school’s dedication to offering high-quality education.

5. Cost and Financial Aid

Consider the program’s total cost, including tuition, supplies, and necessary housing. Furthermore, find out if there are any scholarship or financial aid opportunities.

How to become a Barista in the USA?

Best Barista Schools in the USA

Formal education is only one of many steps required to become a barista. Following is a thorough guide on how to work as a barista in the United States:

1. Research the Industry

Recognize the developments in the coffee industry, the most popular coffee variants, and the many kinds of coffee shops.

2. Obtain Formal Education

Enroll in a respectable barista program to get the essential theoretical and practical expertise. A strong basis for a prosperous career is provided by formal schooling.

3. Gain Practical Experience

Get part-time jobs or internships in coffee shops to obtain practical experience. Gaining real-world experience is essential for improving abilities and understanding the industry’s rapid pace.

4. Stay Updated

The coffee market constantly changes, with new trends and innovations appearing regularly. Keep abreast of advances in the business and keep your skills up to date.

List of The 10 Best Barista Schools in the USA

1. Los Angeles Coffee College

In the center of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Coffee College is a shining example of coffee innovation. Their extensive barista training programs are intended to turn amateur coffee drinkers into competent industry workers.

Students can learn espresso preparation skills, latte art, and customer service because the program strongly focuses on practical experience.

The success stories of its alumni further cement Los Angeles Coffee College’s reputation. Graduates have become influential figures in the coffee business, running prosperous companies or working in upscale coffee shops.

Favorable evaluations from former and present students demonstrate the school’s dedication to quality.

2. Counter Culture Coffee

Programs from Counter Culture Coffee are well known for their all-encompassing approach, covering everything from pour-over to Aeropress to more complex brewing processes.

Baristas who want to influence the business positively might relate to the school’s emphasis on sustainability.

Counter Culture Coffee offers accredited qualifications accepted by industry authorities, leading to various employment options.

Alumni success stories highlight the variety of career routes graduates follow, from operating environmentally conscious coffee shops to serving as consultants for sustainable coffee operations.

Prospective students should consider the expense of attendance in light of Counter Culture Coffee’s dispersed locations.

Although there is no denying the advantages of a sustainable approach to coffee education, it is important to be aware of the costs, which include materials and tuition.

3. The American Barista and Coffee School

Located in Portland, Oregon, the center of the coffee industry, The American Barista and Coffee School is notable for its wide array of programs designed to meet the needs of ambitious baristas seeking a variety of career paths.

This school offers a program for everyone, whether your goal is to operate your own coffee business, gain advanced skills in sensory analysis, or gain a basic knowledge of coffee.

The school’s curriculum is carefully planned, incorporating topics such as sensory evaluation, company management, and the fundamentals of preparing coffee.

The American Barista and Coffee School, accredited by reputable organizations, offers industry-recognized qualifications.

4. SF Espresso Machine School

The SF Espresso Machine is a top-tier San Francisco school specializing in espresso machine repair and operation.

Furthermore, the SF Espresso Machine’s programs provide in-depth training in the complex world of espresso, making them ideal for those hoping to become masters or create their own coffee shops.

Students must consider the associated fees even if SF Espresso Machine offers a specialized education.

The cost of supplies, tuition, and any possible requirement for specialist equipment should all be considered while making decisions. Prospective students can look into financial aid programs or scholarship opportunities to finance their education.

5. Texas Coffee School

Texas Coffee School, based in Dallas, is committed to providing aspiring baristas with the tools they need to succeed in the business. Their courses cover anything from sophisticated latte art and coffee business management to fundamental brewing procedures.

In addition, the Texas Coffee School’s curriculum is created to give students a comprehensive education, guaranteeing they have the business training needed to thrive in the coffee industry and the technical know-how of preparing coffee.

Prospective students should carefully assess the price of attending Texas Coffee School, as with any educational institution.

6. Midwest Barista School

Midwest Barista School in Michigan is notable for its individualized teaching methods and flexible timetables. Since every prospective barista has different objectives, the school provides a range of courses tailored to personal interests and professional aims.

While Midwest Barista School’s curriculum covers the fundamentals of preparing coffee, its real strength is the flexibility it offers its students.

Regardless of your preference for a quick beginning course or a more comprehensive curriculum, the school’s customized approach ensures you receive the required education to thrive in the modern coffee industry.

7. San Diego Coffee Training Institute

Baristas of all skill levels can benefit from the San Diego Coffee Training Institute programs. The institute’s range of training encompasses all aspects of coffee preparation and serving, ranging from introductory classes to advanced workshops, giving you a thorough knowledge of how the coffee industry works.

Situated in the bustling city of San Diego, the institute offers a program tailored to meet the needs of various baristas.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of brewing, students can master sophisticated skills like latte art and coffee business management, paving their way to big success in the coffee industry.

8. IVY League Barista Academy

The IVY League Barista Academy is a thriving state school providing academic achievement and practical training.

The academy’s programs offer a well-rounded education because they recognize that coffee making requires theoretical and practical abilities to implement that understanding.

The IVY League Barista Academy curriculum covers all the subtleties of coffee-making, emphasizing the creative side of serving customers. Students acquire knowledge beyond the fundamentals, from creating the perfect latte art to comprehending the science behind coffee brewing.

9. Seattle Barista Academy

The industry ties and experienced teachers of the Seattle Barista Academy set it apart from any other school. Students get practical knowledge and gain entry into a professional network inside the Seattle coffee industry.

The ins and outs of coffee production are covered in the curriculum at Seattle Barista Academy, from fundamental brewing procedures to advanced techniques like siphon brewing and cold brew.

Their teachers, who have worked in the Seattle coffee industry for a long time, offer insightful information about regional and international trends, enabling you to think outside the box.

Seattle Barista Academy offers qualifications respected in the modern coffee market and is accredited by various industry groups. Their prior success stories give you an idea of how well the academy prepares its students for opportunities in the thriving world of the coffee industry.

10. International Coffee and Barista Academy

The International Coffee and Barista Academy offers internationally recognized qualifications and has campuses throughout the United States. A vast number of subjects are covered in their curriculum, such as barista entrepreneurship, coffee roasting, etc.

The International Coffee and Barista Academy’s curriculum is meant to give students a thorough understanding of the coffee industry.

The process of coffee roasting is just one of the many examples of the diverse skill set that graduates acquire, opening pathways to many career options in the coffee industry.

International Coffee and Barista Academy certifications are recognized domestically and internationally.

Alumni success stories showcase how well the school prepares graduates for various positions, from managing coffee shops to providing consultancy services to international coffee brands.


A barista’s job requires education, training, and real-world experience. The top ten barista schools in the USA covered in this article offer a variety of chances for willing people to polish their coffee skills, confidently enter the flourishing coffee market, and make a successful career out of it.

There is always a barista school that will fit your interests and career goals, whether you’re drawn to Portland’s lavish coffee shops or Los Angeles’s refreshing coffee culture.

Make wise decisions, invest money in your education, and enjoy becoming an experienced and competent barista. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a school now and start on the road of your coffee brewing adventure.

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