Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Button Not Working – Easy Fixes

The Cuisinart Coffee Maker has modern technical features such as pre-programmed brewing options, self-cleaning button modes, and even water quality-improving filters. Although these features are often helpful, they fail to provide users with a good experience when producing coffee. 

This usually occurs for the self-cleaning mode in these Cuisinart Coffee Makers. But why don’t such buttons work? What is the reason behind it? This occurs due to jamming problems, either dust or dirt or toxic ingredients built up within the machine causing such problems.

But don’t worry; in this blog, you’ll be guided about the easiest troubleshooting steps regarding the settings of the Cuisinart coffee maker. So, take your time and discover how dust affects your coffee machines.

How Does Dust Affect Your Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Button Not Working?

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Button Not Working - How Does Dust Affect
How Does Dust Affect?

Dust and dirt have a bad impact on the overall versatility of your coffee machines. As the dust settles in, the contaminants interfere with the functionality of the internal wiring system of such machines. 

Thus accumulating the self-cleaning button and disturbing its current supply for initiating the cleaning cycle.

However, regular cleaning and proper inspection of such devices can easily help you keep them best for quick actions.

Reasons – Why Self-Cleaning Button Doesn’t Work?

  • Having a poor current supply can damage the internal wiring. As a result, the self-cleaning button doesn’t respond to the user’s instructions.
  • DC supply of less than 220 V can also damage this self-cleaning mode.
  • Damaged wires and loose plugs also affect the current supply. As a result, even on forced instructions, this button doesn’t work.
  • False cleaning settings can also lead to the non-versatility of self-cleaning modes in such devices. Different versions of these machines have several options that may differ. 
  • Keep the version name in your mind and see the manual settings. Any false connection disrupts the current supply to the self-cleaning buttons.

8 Simple Steps To Fix: Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Button Not Working

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Button Not Working

  1. Before you start the main troubleshooting problem, detect the issue that causes a malfunction in your machine’s self-cleaning mode. Let the machine cool down, remove water from its reservoir, and unplug it properly.
  2. Wait for about 10 minutes, and then remove the upper cover to expose the machine.
  3. Now, properly check if this machine’s filter is clogged. Dust particles at this point of the Cuisinart coffee maker ruin its versatility. A damaged filter doesn’t allow water to pour through the tap to fill the coffee mug.
  4. Then, it’s time to inspect the coffee filter basket, remove it from the machine, and clean it with a dish soap solution for the best results. Remember, scrubbing too hard can damage the basket and lead to water leakage.
  5. After this, take a damp towel and wipe down the basket and the filter with soft hands.
  6. Let it dry, and cool the machine by removing all the water inside its reservoir.
  7. For in-depth cleaning, repeat this process about 3-4 times simultaneously.
  8. Lastly, test the machine through water pressure flow and check for any leakage inside the reservoirs.

How do I turn on clean mode on my Cuisinart coffee maker?

It is a simple process: removing the machine’s electric components and ground materials with a scrubber. However, make a solution of vinegar, water, and a descaler in a cup and add it to the coffee maker. Ensure not to rinse this mixture in any part other than the water reservoirs after 100% removing the water.

Now, click on the self-cleaning mode button present on the front panel of the machine and hold it for about 3 seconds. The lights on the machine would turn blue and then green, indicating that you are now in a self-cleaning mode. The cleaning cycle will run automatically in your coffee maker.

After 30 seconds, the cycle stops. This way, you can easily turn on and use the clean mode on your Cuisinart coffee maker. Ultimately, you just need a damp towel to dry the water off the machine and let it work for a few test runs.

Does the Self-Cleaning Mode Work the Same for Cuisinart Coffee Maker & Grinder?

AspectCoffee Maker CleaningGrinder Cleaning
SolutionVinegar or descalerRice or crumbs
ProcessSelf-clean cycleManual disassembly
Duration~30 minutes15-30 minutes
Frequency1-3 monthsAfter each use
Button FunctionMay restore buttonsFocus on mechanical
TroubleshootingContact support if neededInspect for jams, damage

Cuisinart Blinking Light issues for self-cleaning mode:

  • The blinking light shows that the water reservoirs are not connected properly. This leads to water leakage and continuous blinking or flashing of light.
  • The self-cleaning button feature works on a certain water level or limit. Having unequal balance in water level can lead to red light flashing errors.
  • Clogged water filters and dust build-up in the machine’s internal systems can also lead to disturbance in the self-cleaning mode.
  • The button itself can be a problem. If you use the machine regularly, you might break the button connection by pressing way too hard. This can intercept the current supply and lead to several problems in your Coffee machines.
  • Check out the manual setting book, as different Cuisinart coffee-making machines have several versions. This can help you a lot while using the buttons and indicating the flashlight features on your machine. 

How to reset the Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker?

Video From YouTube: Creator Martin I

The Keurig version of the Cuisinart Coffee maker machine works slightly differently than the other versions. To reset this machine, press the hot water labeled button for 6 seconds present at the frontal portion of this machine. 

Moreover, If you wish to perform the same actions simultaneously, use hot water and rinse water buttons. Once the descaling is done, unplug the machine and let it cool down for about 30 minutes. Avoid water and mixture contact with the electric wiring at the bottom of the coffee-making machine.


If you’re experiencing issues with the clean button on your Cuisinart Coffee Maker, simple fixes exist to get it working again. Dust and dirt accumulation can interfere with the functionality of the internal wiring system, causing the button to malfunction. Poor current supply, damaged wires, and loose plugs can also affect its performance. 

To troubleshoot the problem, let the machine cool down, remove water from the reservoir, and unplug it. Clean the machine thoroughly using vinegar and water solution, paying attention to the water reservoirs. For Keurig versions, a reset can be done by pressing the hot water button for 6 seconds. 

Following these steps, you can resolve the issue and enjoy your coffee maker’s self-cleaning mode again.

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