Jura Cleaning Tablets vs. Descaling Tablets – Difference

Jura is a reputable brand known for its quality, reliability and majestically designed coffee machines. 

Suppose you’re a proud owner of a Jura coffee machine. In that case, you understand the importance of ensuring it stays clean to guarantee its longevity and the quality of the coffee it produces. 

That’s where Jura cleaning tablets and descaling tablets come in. 

In this blog post, I break down the difference between Jura cleaning tablets vs. descaling tablets to help you understand which one you should use.

What is the Difference Between Jura Cleaning Tablets vs. Descaling Tablets?

Jura cleaning tablets vs. descaling tablets

Cleaning and descaling tablets are essential maintenance products, but they serve two different purposes. 

Cleaning tablets are designed to clean your Jura coffee machine, removing coffee oils and residues, and they should be used every couple of weeks. 

Descaling tablets are designed to remove mineral buildup and should be used less frequently, with an average of once every three months. 

It’s best to use both Jura cleaning and descaling tablets to guarantee your machine stays in peak condition and produces the best quality coffee.

Let’s learn more about them!

Cleaning Tablets

Jura cleaning tablets contain active cleaning agents designed to remove stubborn coffee oils and residues from your coffee machine. 

To use the tablets, you must pop one or two tablets in your machine’s water tank, fill it with water, and run a cleaning cycle. 

Cleaning tablets should be used every couple of weeks to guarantee your machine stays clean and hygienic. They’re ideal for removing residues that make your coffee taste stale or bitter.

Descaling Tablets

Descaling tablets remove mineral buildup on the interior of your machine’s pipes, valves, and boiler. When you use hard water in your Jura coffee machine, mineral buildup can occur over time, affecting the performance of your machine. 

Descaling tablets contain scale-dissolving agents that remove all the mineral buildup, ensuring your Jura coffee machine stays in tip-top condition. 

Put one tablet in your machine’s water tank and dissolve it using hot water. Once the tablet dissolves, you run a descaling cycle to remove all mineral buildup.

Understand Tablet’s Compatibility With the Machine

It’s important to note that you should only use products recommended by the manufacturer of your coffee machine. 

Jura cleaning and descaling tablets are specially designed for Jura coffee machines; thus, they’re guaranteed to be safe and effective. Using a generic alternative might affect the performance of your machine.

When Should You Use Jura Cleaning Tablets?

Jura cleaning tablets are designed to help remove any build-up or coffee residue that accumulates inside the machine. It is recommended to use Jura cleaning tablets at least once a month or whenever your machine displays a message that it needs cleaning. 

Keeping your machine clean prevents clogs, damage, and bad-tasting coffee. Additionally, Jura cleaning tablets are unsuitable for external cleaning; you should use a soft cloth for this type of cleaning.

When Should You Use Jura Descaling Tablets?

Jura descaling tablets are formulated to remove any limescale buildup inside your coffee maker. Limescale or mineral buildup can damage your coffee maker over time, making it necessary to descale your machine regularly. 

On average, you should descale your machine every three months, but it might be necessary to do it more frequently if your water is very hard. Jura coffee makers often have a built-in descaling program, which makes the process easier. 

You can use Jura descaling tablets or any solution compatible with your Jura coffee machine.

How Does Jura Cleaning Tablets and Descaling Tablets Work?

Jura cleaning and descaling tablets are formulated differently and work in different ways. Jura cleaning tablets dissolve in water and turn the water into a cleaning solution suitable for removing coffee residues, fats, and oils from the machine.

On the other hand, Jura descaling tablets are designed to dissolve in water and remove limescale buildup from the machine’s pipes and heating elements. 

Once dissolved, the cleaning or descaling solution runs through the machine, loosening and removing any build-up or residues which are flushed out. 

Both tablets are powerful and effective in cleaning or descaling your machine, ensuring that your coffee maker lasts long and delivers consistent quality.

Are There Any Alternatives to Jura Cleaning and Descaling Tablets?

Yes, there are suitable alternatives to Jura cleaning and descaling tablets. However, paying attention to the ingredients is essential to ensure they are compatible with your coffee maker. 

You can use a mix of baking soda and white vinegar, a natural cleaning solution that can effectively remove coffee residues. You can use citric acid, a natural and safe alternative for descaling. 

However, it’s essential to check the measurements and the compatibility with your coffee machine before using any alternative cleaning or descaling solution.


Jura is a brand committed to quality, reliability, and innovation. By investing in a Jura coffee machine, you’ve made a wise decision towards quality coffee. 

However, maintaining your machine to ensure it continues to run smoothly is entirely up to you. By using Jura cleaning and descaling tablets, you’re guaranteed to guarantee your coffee machine is clean and hygienic and produces excellent quality coffee. 

Remember, generic alternatives for cleaning and descaling your Jura coffee machine might affect its performance. Stay loyal to the brand, get your Jura cleaning and descaling tablets, and put your machine in the best shape.

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