Keurig Duo Carafe Side Not Working – 3 Reasons and Solutions

The Keurig K-Duo coffee maker has Carafe features that keep the coffee or beverages warm and easy for multiple servings. But, this side of the machine can sometimes stop working. Do you know why this happens, and how can you simply resolve it?

You can fix these Keurig K-Duo Carafe side issues that are not working by following different methods like descaling, resetting, and using the proper current supply. This fixing can be difficult, but at least it is possible.  Moreover, the following solutions help you unclog any Keurig Carafe type.

Read this blog thoroughly till the end and discover the best solutions to resolve the irritating red light error that occurs when Carafe doesn’t work. 

What Is the Importance of Keurig Duo Carafe Side?

The Carafe side of this coffee-making machine allows you to brew larger batches of coffee, typically up to 12 cups. This makes it easy to serve multiple times without making the coffee again. 

Plus, this carafe side allows you to brew a coffee with ground coffee just as you would in a traditional drip coffee maker. You can also change the strength, power consumption, and overall coffee production through this Carafe.

Keurig Duo Carafe Side Not Working – Reasons & Solutions:

keurig duo carafe side not working

1. Inaccurate Descaling:

Descaling refers to the cleaning of the Keurig Duo Carafe machine’s inside. When you make beverages regularly, minerals can add up and clog this side of the machine. Therefore, it requires proper cleaning after a certain time limit.

To fix this, open the Carafe’s interior and use a mixture of Vinegar and water to clean all components inside. Try using WD40 in case of any rust. When you are done cleaning, test run the water flow inside the Carafe and Coffee machine to wrap things up.

2. Wrong Settings:

Sometimes, the new Keurig Duo Carafe machines have the wrong settings. The user is responsible for looking after and correcting them using the instructions. 

When the machine is turned on, all its settings get jumbled up. This also happens in the old machines if they are in use for a long time.

To fix this error, reset the machine by pressing and holding its red power button for about 5 seconds. Then, turn off the machine, unplug it, and give it some rest. Now, you would plug it back, turn it on, and again check the results by adding the beverages.

3. Water & Power Instability:

Adding too much water to making coffee simultaneously can also damage the machine’s digital motherboard. Once the water reservoir gets overfilled, it doesn’t allow a proper water flow to the Carafe side. This can be solved by removing the extra water by opening the machine and cleaning its needle for proper brewing actions.

Moreover, an unstable power supply can also burn out your digital board in this Keurig Duo coffee machine. As a result, no current flows to the Carafe side, and it doesn’t work. So, having a proper supply of at least 220V can save you from such issues.

How To Fix Clogged Tubes Inside The Keurig Duo Carafe Side?

keurig duo carafe side not working - How To Fix Clogged Tubes Inside The Keurig Duo Carafe Side
Fixing Clogged Tubes

The clogged tubes inside this coffee maker don’t allow water and beverages to flow inside and outside the Carafe. As a result, you can never fill your pot to 100%. To fix this, follow the below steps and get the best results.

  • Unplug the machine and remove all major parts, such as the water reservoir and coffee grounds container.
  • Now, check the tubes and hoses for any visible blockage. You know how beverage materials can add up to close the coffee flow through the Carafe.
  • Then, use pipe cleaners to remove these clogs effectively. Moreover, soak the parts of the machine into soap solutions to remove residue or coffee oils.
  • Run some fast beverage cycles using vinegar and water solutions. Test run them a few times to check if the Carafe side works the same again.
  • In the end, resemble the parts, and be sure to take your time and test to check for any leakage.
  • Descale the coffee machine once a week to prevent tube clogs.

Keurig Duo Light Errors – What Do They Mean?

Light Flash PatternMeaning
Steady Red LightThe carafe side is not properly seated or there is an issue with the carafe sensor. Check the carafe’s position and try reseating it.
Flashing Red Light:The machine may be experiencing an error. Refer to the user manual for specific error codes or contact customer support for assistance.
Flashing Blue LightThis usually indicates that the coffee maker is in the heating or brewing process. It’s a normal part of the brewing cycle and should subside when brewing is complete.
Flashing Green LightThis light typically indicates the machine is in the process of heating water or is in the initial startup phase. 

Sometimes, Keurig machine lights stay on all the time. If you face this problem, check my article on this query. Click here to read the article. 

How Do You Resolve Keurig Duo Coffee Maker’s Major Errors?

1. Keurig Duo filter basket stuck

  • If your Coffee Maker’s Basket is stuck while working, you can fix it by gently wiggling and twisting it to loosen it. 
  • It occurs when your Carafe tubes in the machines are overfilled with water or clogged with dirt and dust. 
  • Therefore, try cleaning them once a week to prevent such errors.

2. Keurig Duo Hot Plate Not Working:

  • Hot plate errors mainly occur when there is an unstable power connection.
  • Try having a proper current supply for plate rotation inside the Carafe. 
  • You would help yourself by keeping this machine clean for future aspects.

3. Keurig Carafe Pod Not Working:

  • Make sure that your Carafe Pod is completely compatible with your coffee makers.
  • Moreover, don’t force this pod to be inserted into this machine. 
  • It would damage both the pod and the coffee brewing part of your machines.

4. Keurig Duo Stops Mid-Brew:

  • Check for clogs and descale the machine.
  • Ensure the water reservoir is securely positioned.
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If you’re experiencing issues with the Keurig Duo Carafe side not working, there are several solutions you can try. 

  • Descaling the machine regularly is important to prevent mineral buildup that can clog the Carafe side. 
  • Checking and correcting the settings, especially on new machines, is crucial to ensure proper functioning. 
  • Avoid overfilling the water reservoir, as it can lead to water flow problems. Cleaning the machine’s needle and removing excess water can help restore proper brewing actions. 

Additionally, if you encounter a stuck filter basket or hot plate that is not working, gently wiggle and clean them to resolve the issues. Following these steps, you can keep your Keurig Duo Carafe side in optimal working condition.

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