How To Reset Delonghi Espresso Machine? Best Method

A Delonghi espresso machine is one of the best coffee brewing machines on the market. But if one goes out of order, it could become a real hassle. So, to avoid this, you could reset your espresso machine to its factory settings every once in a while. If you are looking for a way to get this done, you are at the right place.

How do you reset the Delonghi espresso machine? First, you have to access the settings menu of the machine. You can hold the steam option on your Delonghi espresso machine or unplug and plug it in again to go there. Once there, you must scroll and find the factory reset option. Click it; your machine will reset itself via the built-in small computer.

Further in this article, you will get a deep insight into the process of how to reset your Delonghi espresso machine with ease. Just stick around till the end and illuminate yourself.

How To Reset Your Delonghi Espresso Machine? Step-by-Step Guide

Most of the Delonghi espresso machines are automatic ones that have a built-in computer to control the machine and it also has an interface to brew the coffee. Still, if you have a manual espresso machine, then you don’t have to reset it because it does not save your settings.

Now, for the resetting process of automatic machines;

  1. You have to open the settings menu on your machine. For that, you could either press and hold the steam button on your interface or unplug your machine and then plug it in again.
  2. Once you are in the settings menu. Now you need to turn the steam dial to the on position for a few seconds until the lights flash. Then, turn it to the OFF position. 
  3. When you do this, your machine will take some time to reset itself, and it will not brew anything during that interval. So be patient for a bit and wait for it to complete.

Before following this method, it is recommended that you read the espresso machine’s manual beforehand to get the basic know-how of the machine. So, this is how you reset your Delonghi espresso machine back to its original settings.

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Tips To Reset Delonghi Espresso Machine

According to a study, the failures in espresso or coffee brewing machines are pretty high. Which could even lead to failures in automobiles. This is major because users are mostly unaware of what could render their machine out of order.

One thing that ruins your espresso machine is not resetting it often. This is because, after frequent usage, your coffee machine often malfunctions. Because it either loses data stored in it or because of a malfunction in its computer. So, resetting should be done.

Sometimes, the reset functionality of the Delonghi coffee machine doesn’t kick in. Because the machine has not been descaled for a long time. So, to proceed with the reset, you must first clean your coffee machine. That will most likely solve the problem of being unable to reset your machine.

Will Resetting Delonghi Espresso Machine Render It To Work Again?

There could be various reasons why your coffee machine could lose its ability to brew you any coffee. But resetting the machine should get rid of all the problems. But, there could be a high chance that the situation could still exist.

If this is the case, then it most probably means that the problem is not in the digital functionality of the machine. So, you could look for the problem by disassembling your machine part by part. This could be a time-consuming process, but all ends well.

If the problem still exists, it is out of your hands. So it is recommended that you refer to the machine manual and contact an expert to look at your coffee machine. Because you don’t want to disable the machine permanently, do you?

Does Flashing Lights Indicate Some Malfunction In The Coffee Machine?

In any automatic machine, a flashing light always indicates some wrong thing.

The same goes for the Delonghi espresso machine, the flashing lights could indicate some malfunction in the brewing functionality, and it often happens because the machine has been used so many times without being descaled that the residues and remains of coffee beans’ oils are still in the machine.

This could also result in the blockade of the water inlet and brew head. If the water is not getting into the machine, it will not brew any coffee because its digitalized functioning says that brewing coffee requires water.

So, if you want to fix this problem, descale and clean your coffee machine immediately.

This is only one of the many scenarios in which a situation could lead to the flashing of lights. But, at major times, the cause is a physical and internal malfunction and is not a problem that could be fixed by resetting the machine. So, think twice before doing so in any condition.


Why is my Delonghi espresso not working?

Your Delonghi espresso machine could not be working for various reasons, but most of them could be mechanical. They could be sorted out by cleaning the machine, adjusting the brew head, or clearing a blockage in the water inlet.

How do you reset Delonghi after descaling?

Once you’ve done the descaling process, you need to open the settings menu of the machine and reset the machine. It will take some time, so wait a while, and your machine will be reset.

How do I get rid of my descaling light?

In a Delonghi espresso machine, the descaling light turns on when you are going through the process of cleaning your machine. If the light is still on after the process, it means that the machine has not been descaled thoroughly and completely. So, you may need to use fresh water again to descale your machine. If it still stays, then you should contact an expert.


In all, a Delonghi espresso machine is one of the best coffee brewing machines in the world and if one goes out of order, then it could be a real loss, but resetting it is also easy. 

You must follow the steps carefully and refer to the machine’s manual if you get stuck somewhere. Also, you must remember that resetting the machine is not always the answer to all your machine problems. 

(Contrary to what the Apple store employee says, turning it off and then back on again does not always work)

So, if resetting doesn’t improve the machine, just contact some expert help. Now, if you know how to reset your espresso machine and are craving a coffee now. What are you waiting for? Brew one right now and drink it.

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