How To Use A Delonghi Espresso Machine? A Step-by-Step Guide

Suppose you don’t know how to use the Delonghi espresso machine and seek proper guidance. Fear not; you are at the right place. Stick till the end, and you’ll become a pro at using the Delonghi espresso machine.

How to use a Delonghi Espresso machine? A Delonghi Espresso machine comes in different types, like manual and automatic. If you have an automatic one, you have a rather easy life because you have to press the buttons on the machine interface to get your desired espresso. 

But, if you have a manual machine, you have to do some work by hand, like putting in the ground coffee beans and leveling them and filtering them as well. So, that’s the gist of it.

Further in this article, you will get a detailed insight into the methodology to use a Delonghi espresso machine. So, stick around till the end.

2 Different Types of Delonghi Espresso Machines

How To Use A Delonghi Espresso Machine:
Automatic and Manual Delonghi Machines

Delonghi Espresso machines come in two types: Automatic and Manual. So, both of them have different ways to make espresso.

The description of the types and the major steps in making an espresso from them are all covered in this article, but first, let us get into the characteristics of the machines;

  • Automatic Machines:

The automatic espresso machines are the ones that come with all the necessary functions built in. You have to press the buttons on the machine’s interface to get the espresso.

Another specialty of these machines is that they show you all the options for different types of espresso. So, it becomes a lot more convenient.

  • Manual Machines:

The manual Delonghi espresso machines are often preferred by people who want to taste the work of their own hands. In this machine, you have to put the coffee beans yourself and level them. In the end, filtering is again the person’s work when the coffee is made.

How To Use A Delonghi Espresso Machine – An Ultimate Guide

How To Use A Delonghi Espresso Machine? A Step-by-Step Guide

For Automatic Machines:

1. Brewing the Coffee

The first step in making your espresso is to brew the coffee beans. In automatic espresso machines, the built-in grinder and interface are always there. 

So, first, you have to take coffee beans and put them in the machine; then you have to set the strength and temperature of your espresso. 

Once done, the machine will take some time to make your espresso. Give it some time and there you have your nicely brewed espresso according to your preferences.

2. Frothing Using Milk

Different people have different preferences for espresso, so some could even want a cappuccino or a touch of milk to espresso. 

So, for that the automatic machine also got you covered, you just have to add the milk to the chamber of the machine and select the temperature of the milk. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

3. Cleaning the Final Product

In automatic machines, cleaning or descaling functionality is already there, and it takes 30 minutes to clean your machine. 

In the cleaning procedure, the water rinsing is used to clean out all the coffee that remains in the machine, which clears out everything almost perfectly.

Occasionally, you should descale your machine; this is our preferred descaler. CLICK HERE

For Manual Machines:

1. Brewing the Coffee

In manual machines, brewing espresso is a somewhat tricky thing to do. For this, you have to take the pre-ground and roasted espresso beans and put them in the brewing chamber of the machine. 

After that, gently use your hand or something to level the grounds inside the machine chamber. Once you’ve done this, use the physical button or knob in some cases to start brewing your espresso.

2. Frothing using the Milk

Frothing milk in manual machines is tiring work to do. For that, you have to manually shift the frothing chamber lever up and down to pop the bubbles of air in there to add creaminess to the espresso from the milk.

3. Cleaning the Coffee

Unlike the automatic espresso machine, the manual one lacks built-in cleaning functionality. So you have to do it by yourself as well.

You have to properly disassemble all the machine parts and use water carefully to clean every last bit of the machine. Remember to let the machine dry before closing it up.

Watch a Quick Video: How to Use a Delonghi Espresso Machine

Tips for Using A Delonghi Espresso Machine

While using a Delonghi espresso machine, you have to keep certain things in mind to extend the life of your machine and maintain the taste of your coffee. 

  1. The first thing is that you have to follow every step carefully, or your coffee could turn out to be bad in taste.
  2. Secondly, always remember to take care of your machine because at the end of the day, if your coffee machine cannot work, you could not have a nice tasting espresso because then you would have to make it yourself manually.
  3. Thirdly, if a manual comes with the machine, first read it, and if you still don’t understand how to use your device, you should look for other sources like this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use a basic Delonghi coffee machine?

Using a basic Delonghi espresso machine is a simple process, you just have to put in the coffee beans, place a cup or any container in which you want your coffee, and then press the button to start the coffee brewing process.

How do you use a Delonghi espresso machine for the time being?

If you have no experience using any kind of coffee-making machine before, then it could be a bit challenging for you to make the perfect espresso on your very first try. To make the best possible espresso on your first try, you just have to follow the manual or the steps given above, watching the type of your Delonghi espresso machine.

How long does Delonghi espresso take?

If you have followed all the steps perfectly and carefully, the machine will only take up to 25 seconds to make your espresso. That could also vary with the amount of espresso you are brewing. This 25-second time range is for an espresso volume of about 25-35 milliliters. So, watch the amount before worrying about the time.


The Delonghi espresso machine is the most reliable and popular according to the web and espresso drinkers. Still, it has its hardships regarding its usage by people, but nothing stays forever. 

You should also learn about how you can Descale the Delonghi espresso machine. Because you may need it frequently when you make espresso shots regularly. Fluent in coffee, wrote a great article on the uses of a Delonghi Espresso Machine, check it out here

So you can overcome those hardships by simply following the steps for different types of Delonghi espresso machines. All set? Got the steps?

Then, what are you waiting for? With your newly learned skills, brew yourself a shot of espresso.

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