Why Is Delonghi Espresso Machine Double Shot Not Working?

Are you having trouble getting a double shot of espresso from your Delonghi espresso machine? You’re not alone. There are a lot of people who complain that the Delonghi espresso machine double shot not working. 

Your espresso machine double shot is not working due to these 4 reasons:

  1. An issue with the water tank.
  2. The gasket inside your Delonghi espresso machine is blocked.
  3. The grind size of your coffee beans is not perfect. 
  4. You are using old espresso beans.

Many users have experienced some issues with their machines. Luckily, there are a few simple fixes that can get your machine back up and running quickly and easily. 

Let’s look at the potential causes of this issue and how to fix them. 

4 Reasons Delonghi Espresso Machine Double Shot Not Working

1. Faulty Water Tank 

If you’re having problems with the quantity of water used for your espresso shots, it could be an issue with the water tank. The first thing to check is whether the tank is properly attached to the machine. 

At the same time, if it looks secure, you will need to check for any cracks or leaks causing an issue with the water flow. If there are any faults with the tank, you may need to purchase a replacement. 

2. Blocked Gaskets 

The gaskets inside your Delonghi espresso machine may become blocked over time due to mineral deposits or other debris in the water supply. 

This can cause blockages in both the filter and portafilter baskets, significantly reducing pressure in the system and resulting in poor water flow. 

It is best to clean all parts using a descaling solution to remove the blockages. Then rinse them thoroughly after use and reassemble them correctly before testing again.  

3. Incorrect Grind Size      

Why Is Delonghi Espresso Machine Double Shot Not Working - Incorrect Grind Size
Incorrect Grind Size

One of the main reasons why the Delonghi double shot is not working can be the incorrect grind size.

The grind size of your coffee beans greatly impacts how much pressure builds up when brewing espresso shots. As well as how much flavor is extracted from your beans during this process. 

If you are using pre-ground beans, make sure they are ground specifically for espresso machines or adjust your grinder settings accordingly if grinding by hand. 

You should aim for a very fine grind size. As a result, flavorful double shots of espresso are always produced.  

4. Old Coffee Beans                                 

Coffee beans start to lose their flavor soon after being ground. So make sure you are buying fresh beans from reputable suppliers regularly. So that your espresso always tastes great.

Using old coffee beans can also create blockages in the filter basket and portafilter due to stale oils clogging up these components. Due to this, water flow during brewing can be significantly reduced, resulting in weak double shots of espresso.  

How to Fix if Delonghi Espresso Machine Double Shot Not Working?

How to Fix if Delonghi Espresso Machine Double Shot Not Working?

Step 1 – Check the Water Reservoir

When troubleshooting an issue with your Delonghi Espresso Machine, the first thing is to check the water reservoir

Ensure it is full and there is enough pressure for the machine to work properly. You should also check for any clogs or blockages in the reservoir that might be preventing water from flowing through.  

Step 2 – Clean Out Gaskets and Filters

Another common problem with espresso machines is when gaskets or filters become clogged. 

This can affect how much water flows through the machine and ultimately prevent you from getting a good double shot. Make sure to inspect all of these components regularly and replace them if necessary. 

Step 3 – Make Sure Coffee Grounds Are Fresh

If your coffee grounds are stale or old, they won’t be able to create enough pressure for a strong double shot of espresso. 

Ensure your coffee beans are freshly ground, and check them often for freshness. You may also want to try switching beans or experimenting with different blends if one doesn’t seem to be working well in your machine. 

How Does Delonghi Double Shot System Work?

At its core, the De’Longhi Double Shot System is all about getting the most out of your coffee grounds. This means that your espresso will have a more intense flavor and aroma than ever before. To understand exactly how this system works, let’s look at the science behind flavor extraction. 

The Science Behind Flavor Extraction   

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When water passes through ground coffee beans, certain flavors are extracted while others remain trapped inside the beans. The longer the water stays in contact with the bean, the more flavors can be extracted. 

The trick is to extract as many flavors as possible without over-extracting them because too much time spent with coffee grounds can lead to bitter-tasting espresso drinks. 

The key to optimizing flavor extraction lies in controlling the temperature of the hot water used to make espresso and limiting its contact time with the ground beans. 

This is where De’Longhi’s Double Shot System comes into play. The system uses two shots of hot water during each brewing process: one for pre-infusion and another for full infusion. Allowing for optimal flavor extraction without over-extracting or burning your coffee grounds. 

During pre-infusion, a smaller amount of hot water is released slowly over 8 seconds. So that it saturates all of your ground beans evenly before full infusion takes place. 

During full infusion, more hot water is delivered quickly over just 2 seconds to extract maximum flavor from your grounds without burning them or making your beverage too bitter or acidic.


As you can see, there are several reasons why your Delonghi Espresso Machine Double Shot is not working correctly. 

From faulty tanks and blocked gaskets to incorrect grind sizes and old coffee beans, each one of these issues can have an impact.

To ensure consistently high-quality results, clean all parts regularly and use only fresh coffee beans. With these tips, you can enjoy perfect double espresso shots from your Delonghi Espresso Machine daily.

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