How to Make Latte With a Delonghi Espresso Machine?

There’s nothing like an expertly crafted latte from your favorite coffee shop. But what if I told you that you could make one just as good in the comfort of your own home? Here are quick steps to make a Latte with a Delonghi espresso machine.

  • Choose Your Brew Strength
  • Heat Up The Milk 
  • Measure Out Your Espresso Shot 
  • Add The Milk and Foam & Enjoy

With the right equipment, in this case, a De’Longhi espresso machine. You can create delicious lattes with the same quality and taste as any coffee shop.

So, let’s take a look into how to make Latte with a Delonghi espresso machine.

Make Latte With a Delonghi Espresso Machine – Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Choose Your Brew Strength 

The first step in making a delicious latte is choosing your brew strength. If you don’t know where to start, consider using a medium roast blend for your coffee. 

This will provide enough flavor without being too overpowering. If you want something more intense, opt for a dark roast blend instead. You can also adjust the grind size and amount of beans used to achieve the desired strength. 

Step 2: Heat Up The Milk 

Once you’ve chosen your espresso blend, it’s time to heat up some milk. You can do this by either heating it up in the microwave or using your De’Longhi espresso machine’s steaming wand. 

If you are using the steaming wand, be sure not to overheat it as this will cause unpleasant tastes or scalding temperatures. Once heated, froth the milk until it forms soft peaks and set aside for later use when creating your latte art. 

Step 3: Measure Out Your Espresso Shot 

Now that you have chosen your espresso blend and heated up some milk, it’s time to measure out your espresso shot. 

For an 8-ounce cup of latte, use two shots. To ensure consistent results every time, try using an accurate digital scale to weigh out each shot before adding them to your cup or mug of choice.  

Step 4: Add The Milk & Enjoy

Now that all of your ingredients are ready, it’s time to assemble everything together and enjoy. Start by pouring two shots of espresso into an 8-ounce cup or mug and top off with steamed milk until just below the rim of the cup. 

Swirl around gently with a spoon then add some foam on top for decoration – voila! 

Now all that’s left is for you to sit back and enjoy your perfect homemade latte.

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A Guide to Brewing Delicious Lattes with Your DeLonghi Espresso Machine 

Here’s an ultimate guide for brewing delicious lattes with your DeLonghi espresso machine

Grind your espresso beans

The first step in making a latte is to grind your espresso beans. This is one of the most important steps, as proper grinding ensures that you get the right flavor out of your espresso. 

If you don’t have an espresso grinder, you can use pre-ground espresso, but freshly ground beans will always taste better. 

Begin brewing

Once your beans are ground, it’s time to begin brewing. To brew a perfect latte with your DeLonghi espresso machine, start by filling the portafilter with freshly ground beans and tamping them down firmly. 

After that, attach the portafilter to the machine and press the brew button until about 1 ounce of espresso has been extracted. Depending on the model of your machine, this process should take between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. 

3 Tips for Making the Perfect Latte with a De’Longhi Espresso Machine 

How to Make Latte With a Delonghi Espresso Machine
Make a Latte With a Delonghi Espresso Machine

Tip 1: Choose High-Quality Beans

The most important part of making a great latte is choosing high-quality beans. Make sure to select beans that are fresh and roasted within the past week or two.

The fresher the beans, the better flavor they will have when brewed. Also, be sure to grind them just before brewing; if they sit too long after grinding, they will lose their flavor quickly.  

Tip 2: Get Your Milk Ready

Preparing your milk correctly is key to creating a great-tasting latte. For best results, start by frothing your milk using an electric frother or a handheld one. This will help create that rich, creamy texture that is essential for any delicious latte. 

Once it’s done frothing, add it directly into your cup before adding espresso shots from your De’Longhi machine. This way, you can ensure that all of those flavors blend together perfectly. 

Tip 3: Experiment With Different Blends

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different blends when making lattes with your De’Longhi machine. Try adding flavored syrups or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to give it an extra kick of flavor. 

You can also experiment with different types of milk such as almond milk or soy milk which can give it an even creamier taste than regular cow’s milk. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making lattes at home. 


Making a latte with your DeLonghi espresso machine is easy once you get the hang of it. All it takes is freshly ground beans, some hot milk, and about 30 seconds – 2 minutes of brewing time depending on which model you own. 

Caffe Society published a terrific article on “The perfect latte” They give ingredients, measurements, and even their preferred milk to use. Personally, I go with a classic Creamy Oat Milk. Because I prefer iced Lattes I don’t have to use steamable milk. Usually labeled “Barista edition” and “Good for Lattes”

By following these tips, choosing quality beans, preparing your milk correctly, and experimenting with different blends. You can make delicious lattes from home every time.

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