How to Steam Milk With Delonghi Espresso Machine?

Making lattes and cappuccinos at home is easier than you think with the right equipment. If you’ve recently bought a DeLonghi espresso machine, then you’re in luck because steaming milk with it is simple. 

How to steam milk with a Delonghi espresso machine? Here are the quick four steps to follow:

  1. Fill your steam pitcher halfway with cold milk.
  2. Purge milk into your steam wand.
  3. It’s time to move on to foaming your milk.
  4. Remove your steamed milk from its pitcher
  5. Gently pour it into a mug.

In this blog post, I’ll be going over the basics of how to steam milk using your DeLonghi espresso machine. 

Let’s get started! 

Steam Milk With Delonghi Espresso Machine With These 4 Steps

Step 1: Fill the Steam Pitcher Halfway With Cold Milk

The first step is to fill your steam pitcher halfway with cold milk. Be sure to use a high-fat content, cold milk like whole or 2% for best results. 

Avoid any non-dairy kinds of milk since they won’t foam properly. Once you have your pitcher filled halfway, attach it securely to your DeLonghi’s steam wand.  

Step 2: Purge Your Steam Wand

Steam Milk With Delonghi Espresso Machine - Purge Your Steam Wand
Purge Your Steam Wand

Before you can start foaming your milk, you’ll need to purge your steam wand. To do this, turn on the steam knob and wait until all the air has been pushed out of the wand and only hot steam comes out. 

This should only take about 10 seconds before all the air from inside is released. After that, turn off the steam knob and remove any excess water droplets left on the tip of the wand using a clean cloth or paper towel. 

Step 3: Start Foaming Your Milk 

Now that your steam wand is ready, it’s time to move on to foaming your milk. To do this, turn on the steam knob again and insert it into your pitcher of cold milk at an angle. So that it’s just below the surface (about one inch). 

As the mug starts filling up with foam, slowly tilt it upright while still keeping it close to the surface of the liquid. So that air bubbles don’t break through and ruin your foam. 

Keep moving up until you reach just above where you want to stop. Then turn off the knob again before removing it from within the mug so that no more liquid gets drawn in.  

Step 4: Remove Your Steamed Milk From The Pitcher

Once all of your desired foam has been achieved, remove your steamed milk from its pitcher by gently pouring it into whatever cup or mug you plan on serving it in. 

You should also give it a stir as soon as possible after pouring. Stirring helps keep those precious air bubbles alive and creates a more velvety texture overall.

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Steaming Milk with Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machines

If you’re using Delonghi Magnifica espresso machines, you may be wondering how to steam milk correctly and use the steam wand. Let’s break down these two essential steps. 

  1. Start by filling the milk pitcher with cold milk that is no more than 3/4 full. 
  2. Place the steam wand into the milk and turn it on by pressing the steam knob down fully, making sure that the tip of the wand is completely submerged in the milk. 
  3. Continue steaming until you hear a hissing sound coming from the machine and stop when you see foam forming at the top of your milk pitcher. 
  4. Turn off your steam wand and move it away from your milk pitcher before turning off your machine. 
  5. Use a spoon to mix any remaining foamy bubbles into your steamed milk for a smooth texture. 

How to Use Delonghi Magnifica Steam Wand?  

Start by flushing out your steam wand for about 10-15 seconds before using it to ensure its cleanliness and prevent nasty coffee build-up inside of it.

Make sure that you have inserted it properly into its holder inside of your machine, Before turning on your espresso maker and activating its steam function by pressing down on its knob fully. Until you hear a hissing sound coming from it. This means that hot water is being pushed through its hole tip at a high-pressure rate. 

When finished using, turn off both machines (espresso maker & steam) before slowly pulling out its wand tip at an angle away from yourself. So as not to cause any harm or burns due to hot steam still being emitted from within.

Finally, make sure to flush out all residual water remaining in your device after each use. So as not to create any build-ups that can affect flavor or even worse damage internal components over time.

How to Heat Milk With Delonghi Espresso Machine? 

Before starting, turn off the machine before adding either one or two cups of cold skimmed or semi-skimmed cow’s milk.   

Depending on the machine type, select either the “hot water” option or the “steam” option if you do not have an espresso machine with an integrated boiler system. Then, press the appropriate button/knob firmly until the desired temperature has been reached (around 70-80°C).   

Once done heating up, remove the jug/pitcher from underneath the drinking spout gently. Whilst avoiding potential burns due to hot vapors being released simultaneously.

Be sure to avoid some of the common mistakes when steaming milk. For a good overview of common mistakes, check out this article by Clive Coffee, HERE 


By following the steps outlined above, anyone can steam milk with Delonghi espresso machine. Whether you want frothy coffee drinks or perfectly heated latte art creations, these tips can be helpful. 

Now that we’ve gone over how to correctly use both its integrated boiler system and powerful steam wand feature, you should be able to steam milk now.

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