Is a Latte Strong Enough to Keep You Awake? A Big Yes

Lattes are conventionally made with espresso shots, steamed milk (dairy or non-dairy), and a top layer of frothed milk. Like other types of coffee, lattes also have a considerable amount of caffeine. However, the quantity of this caffeine is lesser than in espressos and cappuccinos. So, is a latte strong enough to keep you awake?

Yes, a latte can keep you awake. It contains caffeine, found in the espresso shots used to make it. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, reducing tiredness and increasing alertness, which can delay sleep.

If you are also curious whether lattes are potent enough to keep you up all night, this article is for you! Continue reading to explore the caffeine content of a latte and if it can keep you up all night!

Is a Latte Strong Enough to Keep You Awake

Is a Latte Strong Enough to Keep You Awake? A Big Yes

Lattes have a lot of benefits; usually have only one to two shots of espressos. They don’t contain as much caffeine as black coffee, drips, or cappuccino. Compared to the other coffees, lattes are also sweeter. They are mostly consumed for their frothy and savory taste. 

Thanks to their tastefulness, people can easily become addicted to lattes. Due to their light texture, many switch from highly caffeinated drinks to lattes. But the question to ponder is, can a latte keep you awake? 

Many people consume coffee to boost their metabolism and go through their busy schedules without feeling drained or tired. Similarly, some people need morning caffeine shots to energize and prepare for their hectic routine. 

Therefore, people with such needs cannot compromise on the caffeine content of their coffee. Fortunately, lattes have sufficient caffeine that can keep you awake and help you kickstart the mornings. 

Yet again, several factors influence whether a latte can keep you awake. For instance, the type of coffee used, the number of espresso shots, the amount of milk used, and your caffeine tolerance. Collectively, these aspects will determine if a latte is sufficient to energize you and help you stay awake.

What is the Typical Caffeine Content of a Latte?

Is a Latte Strong Enough to Keep You Awake? A Big Yes

The best thing about a latte is you can keep it overnight. Lattes have less caffeine than drips and espresso. This is because fewer espresso shots are used in its making, and milk (along with foam) is also involved. Small cups of lattes typically contain a single espresso shot, containing about 63 milligrams of caffeine. 

Medium-sized lattes are made with two espresso shots with around 125 milligrams of caffeine. On the other hand, larger lattes can contain up to three to four espresso shots, implying that their caffeine range can be between 154 and 200 milligrams. 

However, the amount of milk and foam increases with the increasing cup size. Many people say that drinking milk makes them feel dizzy and sleepy. If you also feel the same way, ask your barista to lower the quantity of milk or switch to a non-dairy alternative, i.e., almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, etc. 

How Can a Latte Help You Stay Awake?

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Earlier, I briefly mentioned the factors that influence the tendency of a latte to keep you awake. Let’s scrutinize them individually to determine how these factors are influential and how a latte can help you stay awake. 

1. Type of Coffee: Light-Roasted or Dark-Roasted 

The type of coffee used in a latte heavily influences its caffeine capacity. Light-roasted coffee is famous for its complex and delicate taste. It has a very peculiar yet lightweight flavor and is usually more expensive. In contrast, dark-roasted coffee has a deep yet simple flavor. 

However, what would surprise you is that light-roasted coffee has a higher caffeine content than dark-roasted. That is why opt for a latte made with light-roasted coffee for a higher energy boost. A latte with light-roasted coffee tastes better and richer and provides more caffeine. 

You can also check the coffee’s label, which describes how much caffeine each espresso shot contains. In this way, you can determine whether the coffee meets your caffeine requirement and can keep you awake. 

2. Number of Espresso Shots 

Next, you should determine how many espresso shots your latte has. The higher the number of shots, the higher the caffeine it will have. 

Thus, if you plan to stay awake for long or want an immediate kickstart in the morning, add at least two espresso shots in a latte. You can add more as per your requirements. But one would be too little and might fail to fulfill the purpose. 

3. Amount of Milk 

Milk works in contrast to the latte. It neutralizes the caffeine in the latte. Thus, adding too much milk and foam to your latte might kill the purpose. Plus, adding dairy milk makes the latte too sweet, another factor that makes you lazy and tired. 

Therefore, add less milk if you want a latte to stay awake. Skipping on sugar is another excellent tactic to reduce the calories and make your latte more caffeinated. Instead of dairy milk, go for non-dairy alternatives like soy or almond milk. Similarly, replace the sugar with artificial sweeteners like stevia or natural sweeteners like honey, jaggery, etc. 

4. Caffeine Tolerance 

The last thing to consider is how much caffeine your body can tolerate. People with low caffeine tolerance can stay awake with a single caffeine shot. On the other hand, some people (with high tolerance levels) may need up to three shots to energize. Therefore, determine how much caffeine your body needs and make your latte accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a latte make you not sleep?

Research shows up to 400 milligrams of caffeine can disrupt the sleep cycle. However, a big latte serving contains only 200-250 milligrams of caffeine. Thus, it can keep you energized for some time but will not disrupt your sleep cycle. 

Why can’t I sleep after drinking a latte?

Lattes have caffeine, which overpowers the metabolism and keeps one awake. Yet, compared to other coffee types, lattes have very little caffeine. Thus, if you cannot sleep after drinking a latte, you may have a low tolerance for caffeine. It implies that even with less caffeine, your metabolism kickstarts, keeping you awake at night. Therefore, to counter this problem, you should avoid consuming caffeine-containing drinks and coffees at night or before sleep.


Lattes do contain enough caffeine to keep you awake and energized. While they may not have the same caffeine punch as an espresso or black coffee, their content is still significant. 

The type of coffee used, your tolerance to caffeine, and the size of your latte can all influence its ability to keep you alert. A latte could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a less intense but still effective caffeine fix with a creamy and savory flavor.

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